Organize a pool party!

Hey guys!

I decided to take on this challenge as as soon as I’ve read this word the title came on by itself. Furthermore we are into the summer already so what could be better than a pool party with friends?

So to organise a ‘Pool party” you first want to make sure that on the day you are going to through it it’s better to be sunny and warm aka nice weather. So check the weather forecast!





Next step is to send out invitations to your friends just to make sure that they are available on that day. It could be just a text message or you could jazz it up by adding some cute picture. You could find one on internet or make one yourself using PicMonkey.’?





And now to the fun part here are some of my pool party essentials:





First up towels, a few cute once for you and your friends to sit on. I mean they don’t have to be cute but it’s the details that make up the whole picture.

This one is actually on sale for $15.98 from American Eagle (AEO JACQUARD BEACH TOWEL)






What is a pool party without some water balloons?! I mean it is always fun to have some


activities prepaired and  water ballon fight is one hell of a game!

Of course there are some other options like go low, good old card games you could even get creative and set up a photoshoots contests. Fun memories should be captured and what better way to do it than to dare your friend to strike some crazy yoga poses or copy some of the celebs Instagram posts.






For me the most important part of any kind of party is food, so you should totally arrange some snacks. A few sandwiches, lots of candy, maybe some granola bars and biscuits, just go on to Pinterest and type snacks. Here are a few images for your inspiration: 1.jpg


A few drinks would be nice as well you could either bye those or make some delicious mixes yourself, same story  go on Pinterest, type drinks or cocktails, try out some new things. This website has a few options if you want to check it out as well.2.jpg


Now activities, food, drinks, I think I’m forgetting something…. Of course you need some floats. I found this cute once in Urban Outfitters. They are great for taking pictures and just chilaxing  (chilling & relaxing).



One more essential thing for me is a waterproof case for cell phone, because who doesn’t want to take a few awesome shots under the water?





For some reason today I’m attracted to everything pink so I found this one on eBay for $7.






Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses you will be needing those.

That should be it!

Thanx for reading,

Bye bye)


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How to get out of bad mood!


Hey guys!

We all have those days when for a reason (or for no reason) we fill emotionally exhausted, stressed or just not willing to do anything😖. Thinking of it , there are only two ways from there; you could stay in bed in the gloomy and anxious mood for a day or two or get yourself together in order to make yourself feel better! Lets get straight to the point🙋! Here are some tips on how to overcome the stress and become happier and relieved.

Tip № 1

But first coffeeor as for me, hot chocolate💁. They both work as a great boost of energy and make you feel more awake and thats exactly what we need. If you prefer some other kind of drink like juice or anything else, go for it🍹 !

Tip № 2

Work out💪. It could be anything from a run around your local park to outrages dancing in front of the mirror😆( I see you). When you feel morally exhausted you need to get your body moving to raise your heart rate and encourage natural release of endorphins which make you feel happy. I personally do one of three things: swim, dance and/or stretch or some physical work out like running and some exercises.

By the way “There are four primary chemicals in the brain that effect happiness: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

Tip № 3

Drink lots of water, some times you feel anxiety because of dehydration which cause headaches and body malnourishment; of course on daily basis I do not drink 2 litres but on days when you feel like dropping thats your aim!👍

Tip № 4

Finish some easy tasks or tasks that make you fill extra stressed for example tied up. First of all the filling of accomplishment will make you fill better about yourself and a cleaner mind will give you more space🙌. For example I like to organise some drawers that usually get clattered or organise some things to make it more manageable to access and find. For me mess is a big struggle some time I fill like it ways me down 😩.

Tip № 5

Write it down📝. It doesn’t really matter what you are going to write but preferably write out your emotions, what you feel at this exact moment🕜( it could be scared, worried, tiered, hungry, lonely, stressed, empty, pointless, uncertain, down…) and then you need to brain storm of what makes you feel that way, I like to just ask myself ‘why’ every time until I get to the the main problem. And then you need to write how are you going to solve it? It could be a brief plan of action or a detailed story of how you visualise to resolve it. If it’s some action by someone that made you sad 💔, just forgive that person for what they have done with all your heart and then pity on yourself say how wonderful and loved you are, you will fill much bette as soon as you let it go. (I like to write on paper with a writing utensel not on the computer or other electronic device; I find that that works best) .

Tip № 6

Talk to someone who is close to you🗣! Never keep everything to yourself, invite your friend over and have a chat or talk to your mom or dad. You will feel like a weight has been at least a bit lifted of from your chest.

Tip № 7

Do something that would make you happy😁! I like to watch movies or cook some cakes or cookies🍪; a habit that makes you happy is important in order to keep you occupied and at the same time makes you forget of your worries. Just through on some headphones and listen to music or read a book, your problems won’t run away from you so you do not have to solve them straight away; they could even resolve by themselves in some time. Just solve them when you are ready!

Tip № 8

Have a proper pampering time and take care of yourself!🛁 At times like that  it really helps to just stop and focus on yourself; as soon as you look better you feel better so have that shower, put yourself together and wear something nice! You will at least fill refreshed.👌

Tip № 9

Go outside and get some fresh air! If you have a dog🐶 take it with you on a walk or if you have brother or sister or just your friend make them keep you a company playing some basketball🏀 or football⚽️ sometimes things that you aren’t good at can make you laugh and inspired to move and work. Also outside activities in good weather usually just make you feel better🤔, I don’t know why, they just do!


Well this is all from me today! Tell me about your ways of getting back on track in the comments down bellow please. I hope that my tips helped you a bit and that you are having or will have an astonishing day!


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Perfect DIY gift ideas for friends or yourself!

Hey guys!

There is always that time when you want to give a perfect present to your mom or friend but you want it to be a bit more personalised and thoughtful. Well in that case I would always look into DIYs  and as a normal person I do have rather unprofessional stuff in my house that I could gather for DIYs. So here are my few favourite so far DIY projects which I think would be perfect as a gift to anyone! Most of them are also customisable so personalise it as much as you want!😁

First of all an art piece would suit any occasion🤔, I personally did a lot of drawing and painting presents, but if you can not draw it might be a bit tuff; but paper art could go from very hard to simple designs but look very uniq and awesome anyway😜 the trick is to use right paper so it is easy to cut but at the same time has beautiful colure linking to the image in some way; and good cutting tool so cuts are clean.✂

It could be something as easy as this.👇🏻rodden_home_061

Or something a bit more complicated like that.👇🏻


Here you have hundred  choices of design to choose from😱; you can even try to design it yourself or just google paper art or search in youtube for tutorials. But generally you need to choose a design, cut it out on white piece of paper, bend the paper in appropriate places using something wooden or plastic like ruler or some kind of pen (for clean edges and more control) and then just stick a colourful paper underneath; an artist who did this two pieces above (Lisa Rodden) used acrylic sheets but I think bright paper would work fine. And then just frame the art work or use this idea to decorate a card!🙌



One more great art piece would be if you were to find the book a person likes and find a page on it with needed words so that you could negatively highlight to form a message and a drawing.🙋 I think that this idea is absolutely uniq and awesome! You then can frame it and give it as a gift as well! (though do it a bit more neatly than on the example, be creative!)






I think that calendar is a very useful tool on day to day basis, before I have made the one on the right for myself, turned out great!

My second idea is a room statement piece under this category you could put together a calendar with pictures of you and that person or some other memories.This is the calendar I like as it’s simple and cute, here is a link for it here . Or if you are willing to put more effort and create a box calendar it would look cool as well, but remember to use a thick paper so it has a better look; link to DIY here. But you can always find your own one. And all you need is to put your pictures in it and print it, how easy is that!😸



Also a hanging flower decoration would look beautiful if it’s for a female persona.👩 You can also attach a hanging ribbon or other details to make it even more pretty. The trick to it is to glue firmly the flowers really close to each other. Yes, it does take a while to make the flowers but it’s worth it! (you can always share the job with your siblings) Here is a link to a diagram of how to do it here.


A dreamcatcher is also a very cute present for a friend who has troubles sleeping or watches scary movies at night😨. I made one for my mom and one for myself because it ended up looking very cute😸! Though you do need a bit more for this DIY. Here is a short youtube video I found helpful here.


Statement piece is also a very great gift and I found an easier way and the materials you probably already own in excess😜, a handmaid designer teddy toy! To be fair it will be a bit small  as it is made from a sock but mine was a reasonable size. e3fa43d167d56e17b002c9d9cd85bf4b

Here is how you do it, but if bear looks too hard go for a small rabbit but if you are not filling a bear design here is link for a cat version here. By the way the bear looks much cutter when sock has stripes or if it’s fluffy (but then you will have to trim the fluff on face area).




One more great present is food especially sweats🍫 so if you put your friends favourite snacks in one box I swear it will get well used! I find the chill pills idea hilarious if you have that friend a dare you to give this to them 😂


diy-cat-eye-mask-for-a-comfortable-sleep-1One more great idea is a fun eye mask for which you need to turn on your creativity and gather as much fabric as you have, if you don’t you can always recycle some of your old clothes of course pre washing it first will be nice😅. Here is how to make the cat eye mask here and here is a template for an eye mask with some other ideas for the mask here. In my opinion you can even use felt, just make it look cute😍 This DIY I found quiet challenging but it looked great!

If it’s present for a girl anything connected with spa treatments💆 will be great especially in a girls night! Here is a link for the website for extra info here. Just assemble the product in a cute jar with a note of whats in it and expiration date, decorate it and it’s good to go! TIP do not make a lot of a fast outdating product❗

spa day

Also a cute idea is to create a list of nice things about the person or just a quote of the day list or a note for every day or just things you like about that person and put it all together as a book📒. But I found a better way to present it and also a cheep way, as it is quite small it allows you not to make a very long messages on each card. A matchbook camera!! Link here. It’s not only cute but person can take it on a go for a boost of positivity!camera

I think this is all that I have tried so far that worked. I hope this ideas helped a bit and that you are heaving a great day! Tell me about your favourite DIY in comments please😁.

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My favorite kpop✌️

Hey guys!😸
You might already know that I really like kpop, even though I’m not too crazy about it I would like to share a few groups/ singers that I really like and who’s songs I find awesome! So if you are maybe interested in kpop or you just want to broaden your music knowledge this could be interesting for you✌
To make it easier for you I will divid it on boys than girls groups and lastly some mixed kpop songs and just songs that I liked. Oh! and also I listed the song’s websites in order in which I wrote them incase you want to put up a youtube playlist of songs you liked.🙄

Shinee is the first group I was actually to follow since I saw their song “Lucifer” and my favorite out of them was Taemin (and still now). Here are a few new songs that I like: View, Sing your song, DxDxD. But they have also released a few singles for example Thaemin – Danger, Drip Drop and さよならひとり; Jonghyun – She is. I really do like their music and they did become quite famous so if you are new to kpop you should check them out🙃

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Songs I have mentioned above:                                   

Seventeen is my newly favorite group that I recently started to follow, I don’t really know why🤔 maybe because of the energy to dance that their songs give. My favorite members are Vernon and Woozy😍 and they now have quite a few songs but my favorite once are mansae and love letter, but they did get famous because of Adore U. I also really like Q&A as both Vernon and Woozi are in it😻.

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Songs I have mentioned above:

Big Bang, I don’t even need to talk about this one as anyone who enjoys kpop would have most likely heard of them (just because they are the most famous boy band in kpop world 🌏 and one of them even sang with JB aka Justin Biber). My favorite member is GDragon; I find that his voice sounds a bit like a guitar. But I also really like Taeyang and TOP; I find most of their songs very good but my now favorites are BANG BANG BANG, Tonight, Sober and we like 2 party. They also have made a few solo songs, Gdragon – One of a kind, that XX and more; Taeyang – RINGA LINGA and eyes nose lips.

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Songs I have mentioned above:

VIXX is a great group which has good and catchy songs and great quality music videos. I don’t have a favourite member but my jam songs are: dynamite, error and eternity.

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Songs I mentioned above:


EXO even though I know that this group is quite famous, I don’t really follow them and the only thing I know about them is that they have a lot of members that devide into 3 groups🙋: EXO-K, EXO-L and EXO-M. Though my favourite songs are: growl, overdoes, lucky one (disclaimer the video is filmed in a moving manner so could be uncomfortable to watch) and  love me right. 

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Songs I have mentioned above:

BTS is also a great group which I don’t really follow at the moment but some of their recent songs are very great! Like: Dope, Fire (my jam for weeks), Young forever, Danger and Run. The video and songs are of high quality and their dance also is at the top (especially Dope in my opinion). In my view this group is different to others because of the member with very low voice which really is actually low not just deep😁.

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Here are the songs I mentioned above:


Now the girls groups! Small disclaimer I personally do not follow any of the girls groups but I still enjoy some of their songs so here are the groups that release most of the girl group songs that I like.



4 Minute is a bit classic and in a way funky so I really do like the combination of this two. The members in this group are also quite unique and each has individuality in the group which makes it more intriguing to watch. A few of my favourite of their songs are: Hate, Crazy and Volume up. Also Hyuna released Bubble pop which became quiet famous; one of her recent hits is Roll Dip.

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Songs I mentioned above:–Niyg

EXID in some way is a bit similar to 4minute in some way. But they do have different voices and a few great songs in my opinion i.e. Hot Pink, Ah Yeah, Up&Down  and Every night. But some videos I do find a bit weird so be warned😅.

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Songs that I mentioned above:


Girls Generation is one of the most famous girl groups I know and for a reason as their songs are in tune and very catchy. Some of the members of the groups sang solo songs some with a few members of the group like Taeyuon – IWhy and Starlight (ft DEAN), Twinkle. Few songs that I like of them are MR Taxi, Galaxy Supernova, Party, Gee and Lion Heart .

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Songs I mentioned above:

Gfriend is one of the new groups; I like how their music videos are filled with dancing with a cute school fill to it. The songs are very light and nice to listen to and one of my favourite songs is Me Gusta Tu, Glass Bed and Rough.

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Songs I mentioned above:


Lovelyz is a similar kind of group to Gfriend except the school theme is toned down a knot and less of the dance is shown. But as you can tell by the name their songs radiate cuteness so could be worth watching a while😊. A few songs that I like are Ah-Choo and Candy Jelly Love.

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Songs I mentioned above:

Last but not leat AOA somehow watching them lowers down my self-esteem but their songs are kind of catchy and kind of cool. Check out Good Luck and Get out. Further more three members of the group released song I’m Jelly Baby which became quiet famous and the rapper member Jimin with j.don released song GOD which also became famous.

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Songs I mentioned above:

Now to the mixed groups or just songs that I like who’s groups I don’t follow or which I can not divide in to just girls or just boys.

IU is a singer who does a fabulous music videos which not only sound good but also have a movie like filming with a story line or something which stops it being just a song or music video (wow I used ‘music video’ twice no now three times in one sentence😓). Well any way I do really enjoy here songs and here are some of my favourite: 23, Not Spring Love (in collaboration withHIGH4) and You&I (by the way to get straight to the song go to 1:40).

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Songs I mentioned above:

Akdong Musician this is a duet singers which include a boy and a girl who are also a brother and a sister👫, even though their names (and surnames) are different. In my opinion the girl has incredible voice and the boy is very funny in the music videos, here are a few of my favourite of their songs: 200%, Give love (which is actually a continuation to 200%) and Re-Bye. Girl has also collaborated with Lee Hi and Bobby with a song I’m different which came out very funny and catchy. Also this singer has released few nice songs like Rose which I find quite cool so do check it out!

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Songs I mentioned above:

Park Kyung – Inferiority complex well this is a song which I just really like because I find it kind of cute. Also really like the song called What U by Speed as their dance for it is very uniq and awesome, which inspired me to get the similar shoes that they have. For quiet some time I have also been loving are Shannon Williams Why Why and SUPER JUNIOR-D&E  Growing Pains. It’s going to be easier if I will just make the list  now: 24K Hey You, Cross Gene Play With Me, GOT7 Just Right and Fly, NCT U the 7th sense, Apink Mr Chu and no no no, day6 Congratulations, Juniel I’m in love, Calling in love by Suran.

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Songs I mentioned above:

Well, this took me a while to put together😫; but now you know most of my favourite Kpop songs😊. Please tell me your favourite Kpop songs in the comment section down below👇. Hope you are having a great day!


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Items in my travel bag🎒✈️


Hey guys!

Hope you are having a great day🔆! I just thought that some times we are not completely sure what to bring along to a journey🛫🤔😲. I personally had quiet a few flights✈️, train journeys🚉  and car rides🚐 so I thought it would be helpful for me to share my tips with you✌😁.

For me, the most important thing during the journey is filling comfortable😎 and for that there are 2️⃣ main things: comfortable clothes 👚👖👟(definitely not genes or any other thick material , trust me! instead try leggings or sweat pants/ jogger pants and also no highly hills girl👠 (unless they are comfy), it’s an air plain not a red carpet 💁🏻) and practical bag (it needs to be relatively light and easy to access🤔 best choice would be bag pack🎒 or over shoulder bag👜, look for something with enough compartments or pockets, use them to have easy access to things you need to take out fast📸💵 or that constantly needs to be easily reached📲).

I have a bag similar to the girl on the right because it is easier to take documents out on passport control on the go, but backpack is also a great choice.

Now to the fun part🤗! What should you take with you?🤔

My essentials are:




Small earphones🎧

Sleep mask (if traveling during night)

Needed documents🎫 (passport…)


Hand sanitiser

Lip balm💄

Hair brush (as I have long hair)


These are all you generally need to bring otherwise the bag becomes heavy and/or cluttered😫. I would also bring some chewing gum but you are most likely to buy it in the airport as well as snacks 🍫so don’t worry about that.

Now to the tips!

  • I would recommend creating a travel playlist🎧 of music depending on your mood and traveling time; for example if you are intending to go to slip😴 prepare a playlist with calm music like jazz🎷 or some french songs, if you are interested in fun journey set up a more active playlist (with some pop😎 or dance💃 music, I personally like KPOP😆; so you do you😁).
  • Also I like to download a book📖/ audio book or a film💿 (I prefer to use iPad for films) on my phone incase there are no TV📺 on traveling veackel this really saved my life on the long flights as I have exactly what I want to watch ready for me and in good quality😱😂.
  • If you have a chance get some food like chocolate🍫, sweets🍬, crisps, chewing gum or any other snack you like in the airport (or where ever you are setting of from); the best thing is sushi🍣 or pre-made sandwich🌯 as in most plains the food is not very eatable😅, so yo sushi will taste like heaven😇 compared to that (once on my 4 hour flight at night I got a burger🍔 and chicken nuggets and that was the best of all meals on the plain😋).
  • You do not need to buy a bottle of drink if you are going on a plane✈️ (would not work for a train)  as you can easily ask for it anytime during the flight! As well as ask member of staff to take it away from you so if you eat your sushi before lunch do just ask one of the personal to put it in a bin for you).
  • Sleep mask comes in handy as in most planes the light is never turned completely off and sometimes they turn it on for lunch or because it’s not night😖 and this way you are all covered😴, it is also very light and doesn’t take up much space👍.
  • Hand sanitiser is a must! As in places where there are lots of people there are a lot of bacteria👾 and you don’t wan’t to have a sudden spot on your face after the journey or a stomach ache (rarely happens, but could)😭; so do use it effectively😄.
  • If your hair is long, tie it up as high as you can (but not so you look like a unicorn🦄) just enough to be able to place your head comfortably on the seat💺. I prefer to do a bun using a hair claw grip as it is easy to throw on and take off😜.
  • A pen🖊 is a useful gadget for times when you need to fill in a form when you land or just to note something down on a scrap pice of check or tissue paper, I would have it just in case!👍
  • Finally, enjoy it! It could be a hard journey but make yourself as comfortable as you can and really just spend your time relaxing; when else will you have time that you can only spend sitting in a chair forced to relax or just kill time the way you can😎!


Well these are all tips I have for you guys🙃, I hope that they were helpful and that they will make your traveling at least a bit easier🙄. If you have any other tips for me please comment them down bellow👇.  Aand have a great journey🤗🙋

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My favourite adventure anime.

Hey guys!

We all have that times when we don’t know what to watch or not sure if the anime is worth watching 🙃(of course you don’t want to waist your time on boring long anime). So today I have decided to walk you through my top favourite adventure anime👍, if they are on this list then you should watch them without a second thought (trust me)😜.

First and foremost Death Note


This anime is about Yagami Light who is a genius student 😎(and generally person and from the first episodes I really liked him for how tough and smart he is). As a main character he gets a Death Note🍎 which allows him to have power on life and death (mostly death he can’t really bring anyone back to life); so the story shows how he uses and lives with such power as in complete with the book he also gets a death God (Shinegami) Ryuk who could be seen only by him which adds a bit of comedy into the dark atmosphere. There are a lot of other very interesting characters and each of them are very well presented and are very well thought through, which makes the whole anime even more interesting to watch.

I personally really enjoyed the first season but I still haven’t watched the second one; but the first season is definitely an interesting one to watch.

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                           

Black Buttler



For most of you there is no explanation needed💁🏻, but I just had to put it out here. But if you steel haven’t watched it you really are missing out😖, here is a short brief overview. This anime happens in vectorial times; it is about a boy Ciel who has lost his parents on his tenth birthday and was then captured by group that torture him until he made a contract with a demon (Sebastian)😈 and returned to his household; from there the story begins about their life and how all powerful demon serves Ciel, all though it sounds very serious there are a lot of funny moments.😁

I really loved this anime and no wonder everyone adores Sebastian; however I would mostly recommend this to girls but boys will definitely find this anime very interesting as well.


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Here is an opening if you are interested                                              

Attack on Titan

This anime is about a boy Eren who’s mother gets eaten by titan right in front of him😭 which pushes him towards joining the survey corps and fight the titans, there is a lot of things going on from this point so I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it yet. There are a lot of awesome charecters!

This is a fantastic anime which I enjoyed every second of I can’t wait for the second season to come out! So if you haven’t watched it go do that now! (btw My favorite character is Levi).

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Here is opening if you are interested                                                  

Blue Exorcist


This is seriously one of those anime that you can watch over and over again a few times because of funny episodes and enjoyable characters.😜 It’s about Rin who after a few events turns out to be a very powerful half demon😈 and after that he is sent to an exorcist school on behalf of the normal (elite, not very normal😅) school (what a lucky 💩); so this anime covers his life there and his problems which is combined with lots of hilarious moments.

This anime is enriched with lots of great characters which all have unique stories and nature.I would recommend it to everyone, if you’re looking for anime with great story line, adventure and comedy this is exactly what you need to watch; it is enriched with a happy, friendly atmosphere and is vey nicely drawn and presented!

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                         

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

This is a comedy about Kenichi who is a weak student who is always scared but willing to become stronger to protect those who he loves🙌💗; due to some events he gets into a dojo where he is tough how to fight!👊 This is a very interesting anime with lots of twists and characters once again with different and well thought off backgrounds; the story line is supported by separate little stories which means that most episodes do finish the event so there is no urge to watch another episode (hello👋 good night sleep😴😁). My favorite character is Natsu😍😍 (he doesn’t show up for some time so wait for it!)

I really love this anime especially first season as I haven’t finished the second one yet (as I said before I do need to catch up); even though if you want to have a great laugh do watch this one!

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                            

MAR Heaven


This anime is about a boy Gina who is a regular student in a school not particularly good at anything😅, but one day a gate to another world has opened for him and he went to another dimension where he became very strong💪 and had an ability to fight along with a talking kendama (it’s like a hammer toy with a ball tied to it or that grey ball with the face on the picture👆) or rather use him (?😅) to fight; in that world he obtains lots of friends and helps them to fight against an evil group (which I generally find kind of cool😎💗).
This anime is very fun and the story is very interesting; I watched it in a few days to be honest as I had a small obsession and way too much time on my hands😳. Anyway watch it, I’m sure that anyone will really enjoy it!😁

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                             

Katekyo Hitman Reborn


This is a similar anime to Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple🤔, though it has a different story but similar in terms of idea💡. It’s about a boy Tsuna who is scared of everything who is supposed to become the boss of Vangola family but as he known nothing about that until a chibi character appeared infront of his door he was not prepared so Reborn (chibi character) is training him to become one! It is a very interesting adventure which has a lot of little stories and funny parts to it.🔥🔥🔥

I highly recommend it however in my opinion Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is a bit better, I’m not actually sure why, maybe because of Kenichi having morals and principals which makes him seem a lot stronger even when he was very weak.😳 Though characters in this anime are also nicely developed even the opposition team seems kind of cool.

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tumblr_mzb5fhdKNO1sarbj3o1_500 <-my favourite

Here is an opening if you are interested                                              

Air Gear


The story evolves around Ikki and his friends who want to rich the top of the Trophaeum Tower (goal of all Storm Riders). This anime is filled with funny moments and interesting adventures of the characters, the whole plot of anime is very well thought through so that not many follow up questions come up and the whole thing is very interesting and never boring.🤗 Though it does contain some 16+ jokes I watched it when I was a lot younger and still enjoyed it a lot!😎

I don’t even need to say that you need to watch it as you probably already have; but I personally really like the idea of air trecks🕊 as they allow people to fly🏃💨 and the anime centers around this ‘sport’ which makes it a lot more uniq and well designed.

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                           

Sword Art Online

This anime is about a game🎮 which becomes reality to those who are connected to it as they can not disconnect from it and if they die in the game they will die in real life👾; the only way to get out alive is to win. So the main character Kirito along with others is going through the game and there are a lot of battles along with some general life scenes which makes the anime even more interesting.🎪😝

Even though the anime is quiet long it is totally worth watching as it presents a romantic story😻 as well as battle field⚔ and just everything there is in a normal game along with a bit of reality moments. I can’t wait to finish the Tokyo Ghoul 2 season and get my hands on to this one!


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Here is an opening if you are interested                                            

Accel world


Accel world has a similar idea to Sword art online 🤔 except the characters are not tied to the game but build new relation ships in real life because of it just like the main character Arita (or also known as Haru) met Kuroyukihime (I don’t know her real name😓). Mostly anime is focussed on their lives in the game and how they fight and upgrade and so on!! Super fun😆

I personally really like this anime as it’s very interesting and the characters are uniq and fun to observe.😊 I had lot’s of fun watching it and if you haven’t seen it you might as well start with that.👌

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                           

Heroic age


Heroic age is something that made the most impact on me and which I love💗 with all my heart and I really would recommend anyone to watch it! It’s happening in far future 🔮🌌where people could no longer live on our planet Earth and were forced to travel🚀 in order to find a new planet on which they could live; of course there are aliens (Silver Tribe) that try to fight⚔ them in order to prevent them reaching their new home. The anime starts where a boy with incredible power to defeat the alien ships is found on isolated planet and is taken on the ship where he makes friends 👫 and helps the princess 👑 Dhianeila to fight the Silver Tribe (aliens) and rich the humanities’ new home!🏡

There were a few times when I cried 😭 during the anime so if you don’t fill like crying or if you are too sentimental this anime is not really for you or you should just not watch all of it; but over all in my opinion this is a master piece with developed scenario and a bit stereotypic but interesting characters and even though the anime was run in 2007 it is well drawn and graphics really do represent all the emotions and situations in anime. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 💎(watch till the very end to avoid heart breaking!!)😆😆

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                                   

Tokyo ghoul



The story starts when a boy gets into an unlucky😅 situation which leads to further bad consequences for him😰; as he becomes a ghoul which is a human with superpowers💪  who can not eat normal food but can only eat other human meat and coffee😹🖖. So it shows how Ken gets on with his new life along with the battles he has to face. Over all a very interesting anime with lot’s of interesting twists and ideas.🤗🤘

I really liked this anime as it is one of those who are well developed and interesting to watch; it sets a bit gothic mood and brings sympathy to the characters. The graphics are also very great and I am happy with everything there is in the anime though there are a bit of grouse bits (like blood💉) but nothing overly gross. To be honest I was a bit scared of some things😱 I haven’t finished the second season so no spoilers for you guys but first season earns big thumbs up!!👍👍😁
It is actually hard to explain so here is a trailer it’s not always as dark as it is shown in it but close enough

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                             

Fullmetal alchemist



This anime is about two brothers👬 Ed and Al which have very strong bonds and are inseparable. The story starts when they were trying to return their mother 👩 back to life using alchemistry ⚗ but sadly this was one of those exchanges that were not allowed to make as it is very dangerous and mainly impossible so instead Ed has lost his arm and leg and Al his whole body and now they are traveling in order to find the way to return everything back to normal along with helping others and doing the military tasks. The story is enriched with interesting twists and consists of small adventures put together with lots of comedy and battles or rather alchemistry so there is no way you could get bored.😄

I really recommend this anime as I had lots of fun watching it and it somehow encourages you to work and study🤔 as well it teaches you about how important are friendships and family💗. I have seen both old and new version of this anime and personally I would recommend the old one but if you have seen one or another I do recommend watching the second one as even thought they have the same characters and ideas, the story line and endings are different, though the first one is more dramatic in my opinion.🙄

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                            

D Grey Man


If you want to watch something like Fullmetal alchemist I would suggest D Grey man as it is similar in some aspects but has a completely different idea and story line; it is very interesting and funny, the main character Allen Walker🃏 has power of sei Acuma has joined the Black Order that operates in order to defeat the Millennium Earl and his army of Akuma. There is a lot of comedy and adventure, it is very interesting to watch and has great characters which are entertaining to watch.😁😂

I really liked it so you might like it as well.😌

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Here is an openings if you are interested                                           

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan


Last but not least Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan the story evolves in early Japan where there was an era of ninjas and dojos and fights⚔; the story is showing the life of main character Chizuru (having a girl as a main character is nice once in a while) so basically her father left and told here to move to live in the other dojo where she meats all this cool guys who are first of all not as nice to her as they were not expecting her to come but after some time they become friends and are willing to protect her and educate her☺️. Though the whole anime is not about the girl but things that are going on around that time and how these ninjas fight and how they get stumbled by modified worriers, so there are far more battles than you might think; but as the main character is a girl there is a slight romance through out the story which I found very sweet😍.

I recommend this anime to anyone who likes adventure! Lots of fights, emotions and interesting storyline which puts one obstacle after another makes this anime fun to watch! So if you have time do watch this one.👍👍

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                                                                 



Generally these are all the once that I can think of not including Ferry Tail, One piece, Torico, Nauto, Bleach and other very long but great anime which you are probably already watching, but if you don’t this are the few that you can start with to be fair any one of the above are fun to watch so if you yet haven’t watch it do so when ever you have some time, I promise you will not get disappointed.

openings of the 5 above:                                                                                                         (sorry couldn’t find better quality dubbed)                                                                                                                                                                      


Thank you so much for reading it! I really hope that I helped and if you enjoyed any of this anime or have any other adventure anime you could recommend to me please comment down below; I will definitely check them out!

Hope you are having/had or going to have a fantastic day!

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