I  (or few things about me)


Hey guys😁 I thought that the best way to begin my blog is to tell you about me and a bit about what I’m going to tell you in this blogs ( I’m actually not sure at all what to write about so I can’t be too detailed on that).

  1. First of all I am from Russia 🇷🇺 which also mans that Russian is my first language (so please don’t mind my misspelling but I would appreciate it if you were to correct me 🤗).
  2. I also am very shy and uncommunicative persona (in real life) but once I get to know you I might appear to be very active and talkative.
  3. I really like anime. I started watching it a few years ago ( I did have a long break because of exams, so I do need to catch up😳)
  4. I also enjoy watching TV shows. I find that when I’m not watching anime I watch TV shows and the other way round😅
  5. I also am a fan of KPOP, as I really love their dancing and uniq music ( though my sister is against this passion of mine)
  6. I really like nice food aspecially sweets cakes and also sushi and yakisoba noodles😋
  7. One day I want to learn Japanese or Korean😁 it might sound a bit wiered but I like the way they sound unlike other languages they somehow can present more emotions without redness or swearing🤔

Here, I am planning to tell about: events that happened in my life, anime and Kpop (as you might have already guessed), I might as well give a few tips or show off a bit of my creative side. To be honest with you I don’t know what it’s going to be about but whatever it will be I will do my best to keep it as interesting as I can. So I really hope you will enjoy it!

Right now this is as much as I can think of; if you have any other questions for me please comment down below👇
Hope you all had a wonderful day or will have an amazing one 👍👍
Sashacake was here🍰

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