My favourite adventure anime.

Hey guys!

We all have that times when we don’t know what to watch or not sure if the anime is worth watching 🙃(of course you don’t want to waist your time on boring long anime). So today I have decided to walk you through my top favourite adventure anime👍, if they are on this list then you should watch them without a second thought (trust me)😜.

First and foremost Death Note


This anime is about Yagami Light who is a genius student 😎(and generally person and from the first episodes I really liked him for how tough and smart he is). As a main character he gets a Death Note🍎 which allows him to have power on life and death (mostly death he can’t really bring anyone back to life); so the story shows how he uses and lives with such power as in complete with the book he also gets a death God (Shinegami) Ryuk who could be seen only by him which adds a bit of comedy into the dark atmosphere. There are a lot of other very interesting characters and each of them are very well presented and are very well thought through, which makes the whole anime even more interesting to watch.

I personally really enjoyed the first season but I still haven’t watched the second one; but the first season is definitely an interesting one to watch.

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                           

Black Buttler



For most of you there is no explanation needed💁🏻, but I just had to put it out here. But if you steel haven’t watched it you really are missing out😖, here is a short brief overview. This anime happens in vectorial times; it is about a boy Ciel who has lost his parents on his tenth birthday and was then captured by group that torture him until he made a contract with a demon (Sebastian)😈 and returned to his household; from there the story begins about their life and how all powerful demon serves Ciel, all though it sounds very serious there are a lot of funny moments.😁

I really loved this anime and no wonder everyone adores Sebastian; however I would mostly recommend this to girls but boys will definitely find this anime very interesting as well.


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Here is an opening if you are interested                                              

Attack on Titan

This anime is about a boy Eren who’s mother gets eaten by titan right in front of him😭 which pushes him towards joining the survey corps and fight the titans, there is a lot of things going on from this point so I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it yet. There are a lot of awesome charecters!

This is a fantastic anime which I enjoyed every second of I can’t wait for the second season to come out! So if you haven’t watched it go do that now! (btw My favorite character is Levi).

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Here is opening if you are interested                                                  

Blue Exorcist


This is seriously one of those anime that you can watch over and over again a few times because of funny episodes and enjoyable characters.😜 It’s about Rin who after a few events turns out to be a very powerful half demon😈 and after that he is sent to an exorcist school on behalf of the normal (elite, not very normal😅) school (what a lucky 💩); so this anime covers his life there and his problems which is combined with lots of hilarious moments.

This anime is enriched with lots of great characters which all have unique stories and nature.I would recommend it to everyone, if you’re looking for anime with great story line, adventure and comedy this is exactly what you need to watch; it is enriched with a happy, friendly atmosphere and is vey nicely drawn and presented!

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                         

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

This is a comedy about Kenichi who is a weak student who is always scared but willing to become stronger to protect those who he loves🙌💗; due to some events he gets into a dojo where he is tough how to fight!👊 This is a very interesting anime with lots of twists and characters once again with different and well thought off backgrounds; the story line is supported by separate little stories which means that most episodes do finish the event so there is no urge to watch another episode (hello👋 good night sleep😴😁). My favorite character is Natsu😍😍 (he doesn’t show up for some time so wait for it!)

I really love this anime especially first season as I haven’t finished the second one yet (as I said before I do need to catch up); even though if you want to have a great laugh do watch this one!

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                            

MAR Heaven


This anime is about a boy Gina who is a regular student in a school not particularly good at anything😅, but one day a gate to another world has opened for him and he went to another dimension where he became very strong💪 and had an ability to fight along with a talking kendama (it’s like a hammer toy with a ball tied to it or that grey ball with the face on the picture👆) or rather use him (?😅) to fight; in that world he obtains lots of friends and helps them to fight against an evil group (which I generally find kind of cool😎💗).
This anime is very fun and the story is very interesting; I watched it in a few days to be honest as I had a small obsession and way too much time on my hands😳. Anyway watch it, I’m sure that anyone will really enjoy it!😁

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn


This is a similar anime to Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple🤔, though it has a different story but similar in terms of idea💡. It’s about a boy Tsuna who is scared of everything who is supposed to become the boss of Vangola family but as he known nothing about that until a chibi character appeared infront of his door he was not prepared so Reborn (chibi character) is training him to become one! It is a very interesting adventure which has a lot of little stories and funny parts to it.🔥🔥🔥

I highly recommend it however in my opinion Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is a bit better, I’m not actually sure why, maybe because of Kenichi having morals and principals which makes him seem a lot stronger even when he was very weak.😳 Though characters in this anime are also nicely developed even the opposition team seems kind of cool.

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tumblr_mzb5fhdKNO1sarbj3o1_500 <-my favourite

Here is an opening if you are interested                                              

Air Gear


The story evolves around Ikki and his friends who want to rich the top of the Trophaeum Tower (goal of all Storm Riders). This anime is filled with funny moments and interesting adventures of the characters, the whole plot of anime is very well thought through so that not many follow up questions come up and the whole thing is very interesting and never boring.🤗 Though it does contain some 16+ jokes I watched it when I was a lot younger and still enjoyed it a lot!😎

I don’t even need to say that you need to watch it as you probably already have; but I personally really like the idea of air trecks🕊 as they allow people to fly🏃💨 and the anime centers around this ‘sport’ which makes it a lot more uniq and well designed.

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                           

Sword Art Online

This anime is about a game🎮 which becomes reality to those who are connected to it as they can not disconnect from it and if they die in the game they will die in real life👾; the only way to get out alive is to win. So the main character Kirito along with others is going through the game and there are a lot of battles along with some general life scenes which makes the anime even more interesting.🎪😝

Even though the anime is quiet long it is totally worth watching as it presents a romantic story😻 as well as battle field⚔ and just everything there is in a normal game along with a bit of reality moments. I can’t wait to finish the Tokyo Ghoul 2 season and get my hands on to this one!


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Accel world


Accel world has a similar idea to Sword art online 🤔 except the characters are not tied to the game but build new relation ships in real life because of it just like the main character Arita (or also known as Haru) met Kuroyukihime (I don’t know her real name😓). Mostly anime is focussed on their lives in the game and how they fight and upgrade and so on!! Super fun😆

I personally really like this anime as it’s very interesting and the characters are uniq and fun to observe.😊 I had lot’s of fun watching it and if you haven’t seen it you might as well start with that.👌

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                           

Heroic age


Heroic age is something that made the most impact on me and which I love💗 with all my heart and I really would recommend anyone to watch it! It’s happening in far future 🔮🌌where people could no longer live on our planet Earth and were forced to travel🚀 in order to find a new planet on which they could live; of course there are aliens (Silver Tribe) that try to fight⚔ them in order to prevent them reaching their new home. The anime starts where a boy with incredible power to defeat the alien ships is found on isolated planet and is taken on the ship where he makes friends 👫 and helps the princess 👑 Dhianeila to fight the Silver Tribe (aliens) and rich the humanities’ new home!🏡

There were a few times when I cried 😭 during the anime so if you don’t fill like crying or if you are too sentimental this anime is not really for you or you should just not watch all of it; but over all in my opinion this is a master piece with developed scenario and a bit stereotypic but interesting characters and even though the anime was run in 2007 it is well drawn and graphics really do represent all the emotions and situations in anime. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 💎(watch till the very end to avoid heart breaking!!)😆😆

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Tokyo ghoul



The story starts when a boy gets into an unlucky😅 situation which leads to further bad consequences for him😰; as he becomes a ghoul which is a human with superpowers💪  who can not eat normal food but can only eat other human meat and coffee😹🖖. So it shows how Ken gets on with his new life along with the battles he has to face. Over all a very interesting anime with lot’s of interesting twists and ideas.🤗🤘

I really liked this anime as it is one of those who are well developed and interesting to watch; it sets a bit gothic mood and brings sympathy to the characters. The graphics are also very great and I am happy with everything there is in the anime though there are a bit of grouse bits (like blood💉) but nothing overly gross. To be honest I was a bit scared of some things😱 I haven’t finished the second season so no spoilers for you guys but first season earns big thumbs up!!👍👍😁
It is actually hard to explain so here is a trailer it’s not always as dark as it is shown in it but close enough

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                             

Fullmetal alchemist



This anime is about two brothers👬 Ed and Al which have very strong bonds and are inseparable. The story starts when they were trying to return their mother 👩 back to life using alchemistry ⚗ but sadly this was one of those exchanges that were not allowed to make as it is very dangerous and mainly impossible so instead Ed has lost his arm and leg and Al his whole body and now they are traveling in order to find the way to return everything back to normal along with helping others and doing the military tasks. The story is enriched with interesting twists and consists of small adventures put together with lots of comedy and battles or rather alchemistry so there is no way you could get bored.😄

I really recommend this anime as I had lots of fun watching it and it somehow encourages you to work and study🤔 as well it teaches you about how important are friendships and family💗. I have seen both old and new version of this anime and personally I would recommend the old one but if you have seen one or another I do recommend watching the second one as even thought they have the same characters and ideas, the story line and endings are different, though the first one is more dramatic in my opinion.🙄

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D Grey Man


If you want to watch something like Fullmetal alchemist I would suggest D Grey man as it is similar in some aspects but has a completely different idea and story line; it is very interesting and funny, the main character Allen Walker🃏 has power of sei Acuma has joined the Black Order that operates in order to defeat the Millennium Earl and his army of Akuma. There is a lot of comedy and adventure, it is very interesting to watch and has great characters which are entertaining to watch.😁😂

I really liked it so you might like it as well.😌

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Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan


Last but not least Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan the story evolves in early Japan where there was an era of ninjas and dojos and fights⚔; the story is showing the life of main character Chizuru (having a girl as a main character is nice once in a while) so basically her father left and told here to move to live in the other dojo where she meats all this cool guys who are first of all not as nice to her as they were not expecting her to come but after some time they become friends and are willing to protect her and educate her☺️. Though the whole anime is not about the girl but things that are going on around that time and how these ninjas fight and how they get stumbled by modified worriers, so there are far more battles than you might think; but as the main character is a girl there is a slight romance through out the story which I found very sweet😍.

I recommend this anime to anyone who likes adventure! Lots of fights, emotions and interesting storyline which puts one obstacle after another makes this anime fun to watch! So if you have time do watch this one.👍👍

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Here is an opening if you are interested                                                                                 



Generally these are all the once that I can think of not including Ferry Tail, One piece, Torico, Nauto, Bleach and other very long but great anime which you are probably already watching, but if you don’t this are the few that you can start with to be fair any one of the above are fun to watch so if you yet haven’t watch it do so when ever you have some time, I promise you will not get disappointed.

openings of the 5 above:                                                                                                         (sorry couldn’t find better quality dubbed)                                                                                                                                                                      


Thank you so much for reading it! I really hope that I helped and if you enjoyed any of this anime or have any other adventure anime you could recommend to me please comment down below; I will definitely check them out!

Hope you are having/had or going to have a fantastic day!

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