Items in my travel bag🎒✈️


Hey guys!

Hope you are having a great day🔆! I just thought that some times we are not completely sure what to bring along to a journey🛫🤔😲. I personally had quiet a few flights✈️, train journeys🚉  and car rides🚐 so I thought it would be helpful for me to share my tips with you✌😁.

For me, the most important thing during the journey is filling comfortable😎 and for that there are 2️⃣ main things: comfortable clothes 👚👖👟(definitely not genes or any other thick material , trust me! instead try leggings or sweat pants/ jogger pants and also no highly hills girl👠 (unless they are comfy), it’s an air plain not a red carpet 💁🏻) and practical bag (it needs to be relatively light and easy to access🤔 best choice would be bag pack🎒 or over shoulder bag👜, look for something with enough compartments or pockets, use them to have easy access to things you need to take out fast📸💵 or that constantly needs to be easily reached📲).

I have a bag similar to the girl on the right because it is easier to take documents out on passport control on the go, but backpack is also a great choice.

Now to the fun part🤗! What should you take with you?🤔

My essentials are:




Small earphones🎧

Sleep mask (if traveling during night)

Needed documents🎫 (passport…)


Hand sanitiser

Lip balm💄

Hair brush (as I have long hair)


These are all you generally need to bring otherwise the bag becomes heavy and/or cluttered😫. I would also bring some chewing gum but you are most likely to buy it in the airport as well as snacks 🍫so don’t worry about that.

Now to the tips!

  • I would recommend creating a travel playlist🎧 of music depending on your mood and traveling time; for example if you are intending to go to slip😴 prepare a playlist with calm music like jazz🎷 or some french songs, if you are interested in fun journey set up a more active playlist (with some pop😎 or dance💃 music, I personally like KPOP😆; so you do you😁).
  • Also I like to download a book📖/ audio book or a film💿 (I prefer to use iPad for films) on my phone incase there are no TV📺 on traveling veackel this really saved my life on the long flights as I have exactly what I want to watch ready for me and in good quality😱😂.
  • If you have a chance get some food like chocolate🍫, sweets🍬, crisps, chewing gum or any other snack you like in the airport (or where ever you are setting of from); the best thing is sushi🍣 or pre-made sandwich🌯 as in most plains the food is not very eatable😅, so yo sushi will taste like heaven😇 compared to that (once on my 4 hour flight at night I got a burger🍔 and chicken nuggets and that was the best of all meals on the plain😋).
  • You do not need to buy a bottle of drink if you are going on a plane✈️ (would not work for a train)  as you can easily ask for it anytime during the flight! As well as ask member of staff to take it away from you so if you eat your sushi before lunch do just ask one of the personal to put it in a bin for you).
  • Sleep mask comes in handy as in most planes the light is never turned completely off and sometimes they turn it on for lunch or because it’s not night😖 and this way you are all covered😴, it is also very light and doesn’t take up much space👍.
  • Hand sanitiser is a must! As in places where there are lots of people there are a lot of bacteria👾 and you don’t wan’t to have a sudden spot on your face after the journey or a stomach ache (rarely happens, but could)😭; so do use it effectively😄.
  • If your hair is long, tie it up as high as you can (but not so you look like a unicorn🦄) just enough to be able to place your head comfortably on the seat💺. I prefer to do a bun using a hair claw grip as it is easy to throw on and take off😜.
  • A pen🖊 is a useful gadget for times when you need to fill in a form when you land or just to note something down on a scrap pice of check or tissue paper, I would have it just in case!👍
  • Finally, enjoy it! It could be a hard journey but make yourself as comfortable as you can and really just spend your time relaxing; when else will you have time that you can only spend sitting in a chair forced to relax or just kill time the way you can😎!


Well these are all tips I have for you guys🙃, I hope that they were helpful and that they will make your traveling at least a bit easier🙄. If you have any other tips for me please comment them down bellow👇.  Aand have a great journey🤗🙋

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