Perfect DIY gift ideas for friends or yourself!

Hey guys!

There is always that time when you want to give a perfect present to your mom or friend but you want it to be a bit more personalised and thoughtful. Well in that case I would always look into DIYs  and as a normal person I do have rather unprofessional stuff in my house that I could gather for DIYs. So here are my few favourite so far DIY projects which I think would be perfect as a gift to anyone! Most of them are also customisable so personalise it as much as you want!😁

First of all an art piece would suit any occasion🤔, I personally did a lot of drawing and painting presents, but if you can not draw it might be a bit tuff; but paper art could go from very hard to simple designs but look very uniq and awesome anyway😜 the trick is to use right paper so it is easy to cut but at the same time has beautiful colure linking to the image in some way; and good cutting tool so cuts are clean.✂

It could be something as easy as this.👇🏻rodden_home_061

Or something a bit more complicated like that.👇🏻


Here you have hundred  choices of design to choose from😱; you can even try to design it yourself or just google paper art or search in youtube for tutorials. But generally you need to choose a design, cut it out on white piece of paper, bend the paper in appropriate places using something wooden or plastic like ruler or some kind of pen (for clean edges and more control) and then just stick a colourful paper underneath; an artist who did this two pieces above (Lisa Rodden) used acrylic sheets but I think bright paper would work fine. And then just frame the art work or use this idea to decorate a card!🙌



One more great art piece would be if you were to find the book a person likes and find a page on it with needed words so that you could negatively highlight to form a message and a drawing.🙋 I think that this idea is absolutely uniq and awesome! You then can frame it and give it as a gift as well! (though do it a bit more neatly than on the example, be creative!)






I think that calendar is a very useful tool on day to day basis, before I have made the one on the right for myself, turned out great!

My second idea is a room statement piece under this category you could put together a calendar with pictures of you and that person or some other memories.This is the calendar I like as it’s simple and cute, here is a link for it here . Or if you are willing to put more effort and create a box calendar it would look cool as well, but remember to use a thick paper so it has a better look; link to DIY here. But you can always find your own one. And all you need is to put your pictures in it and print it, how easy is that!😸



Also a hanging flower decoration would look beautiful if it’s for a female persona.👩 You can also attach a hanging ribbon or other details to make it even more pretty. The trick to it is to glue firmly the flowers really close to each other. Yes, it does take a while to make the flowers but it’s worth it! (you can always share the job with your siblings) Here is a link to a diagram of how to do it here.


A dreamcatcher is also a very cute present for a friend who has troubles sleeping or watches scary movies at night😨. I made one for my mom and one for myself because it ended up looking very cute😸! Though you do need a bit more for this DIY. Here is a short youtube video I found helpful here.


Statement piece is also a very great gift and I found an easier way and the materials you probably already own in excess😜, a handmaid designer teddy toy! To be fair it will be a bit small  as it is made from a sock but mine was a reasonable size. e3fa43d167d56e17b002c9d9cd85bf4b

Here is how you do it, but if bear looks too hard go for a small rabbit but if you are not filling a bear design here is link for a cat version here. By the way the bear looks much cutter when sock has stripes or if it’s fluffy (but then you will have to trim the fluff on face area).




One more great present is food especially sweats🍫 so if you put your friends favourite snacks in one box I swear it will get well used! I find the chill pills idea hilarious if you have that friend a dare you to give this to them 😂


diy-cat-eye-mask-for-a-comfortable-sleep-1One more great idea is a fun eye mask for which you need to turn on your creativity and gather as much fabric as you have, if you don’t you can always recycle some of your old clothes of course pre washing it first will be nice😅. Here is how to make the cat eye mask here and here is a template for an eye mask with some other ideas for the mask here. In my opinion you can even use felt, just make it look cute😍 This DIY I found quiet challenging but it looked great!

If it’s present for a girl anything connected with spa treatments💆 will be great especially in a girls night! Here is a link for the website for extra info here. Just assemble the product in a cute jar with a note of whats in it and expiration date, decorate it and it’s good to go! TIP do not make a lot of a fast outdating product❗

spa day

Also a cute idea is to create a list of nice things about the person or just a quote of the day list or a note for every day or just things you like about that person and put it all together as a book📒. But I found a better way to present it and also a cheep way, as it is quite small it allows you not to make a very long messages on each card. A matchbook camera!! Link here. It’s not only cute but person can take it on a go for a boost of positivity!camera

I think this is all that I have tried so far that worked. I hope this ideas helped a bit and that you are heaving a great day! Tell me about your favourite DIY in comments please😁.

Sashacake was here🍰





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