How to get out of bad mood!


Hey guys!

We all have those days when for a reason (or for no reason) we fill emotionally exhausted, stressed or just not willing to do anything😖. Thinking of it , there are only two ways from there; you could stay in bed in the gloomy and anxious mood for a day or two or get yourself together in order to make yourself feel better! Lets get straight to the point🙋! Here are some tips on how to overcome the stress and become happier and relieved.

Tip № 1

But first coffeeor as for me, hot chocolate💁. They both work as a great boost of energy and make you feel more awake and thats exactly what we need. If you prefer some other kind of drink like juice or anything else, go for it🍹 !

Tip № 2

Work out💪. It could be anything from a run around your local park to outrages dancing in front of the mirror😆( I see you). When you feel morally exhausted you need to get your body moving to raise your heart rate and encourage natural release of endorphins which make you feel happy. I personally do one of three things: swim, dance and/or stretch or some physical work out like running and some exercises.

By the way “There are four primary chemicals in the brain that effect happiness: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

Tip № 3

Drink lots of water, some times you feel anxiety because of dehydration which cause headaches and body malnourishment; of course on daily basis I do not drink 2 litres but on days when you feel like dropping thats your aim!👍

Tip № 4

Finish some easy tasks or tasks that make you fill extra stressed for example tied up. First of all the filling of accomplishment will make you fill better about yourself and a cleaner mind will give you more space🙌. For example I like to organise some drawers that usually get clattered or organise some things to make it more manageable to access and find. For me mess is a big struggle some time I fill like it ways me down 😩.

Tip № 5

Write it down📝. It doesn’t really matter what you are going to write but preferably write out your emotions, what you feel at this exact moment🕜( it could be scared, worried, tiered, hungry, lonely, stressed, empty, pointless, uncertain, down…) and then you need to brain storm of what makes you feel that way, I like to just ask myself ‘why’ every time until I get to the the main problem. And then you need to write how are you going to solve it? It could be a brief plan of action or a detailed story of how you visualise to resolve it. If it’s some action by someone that made you sad 💔, just forgive that person for what they have done with all your heart and then pity on yourself say how wonderful and loved you are, you will fill much bette as soon as you let it go. (I like to write on paper with a writing utensel not on the computer or other electronic device; I find that that works best) .

Tip № 6

Talk to someone who is close to you🗣! Never keep everything to yourself, invite your friend over and have a chat or talk to your mom or dad. You will feel like a weight has been at least a bit lifted of from your chest.

Tip № 7

Do something that would make you happy😁! I like to watch movies or cook some cakes or cookies🍪; a habit that makes you happy is important in order to keep you occupied and at the same time makes you forget of your worries. Just through on some headphones and listen to music or read a book, your problems won’t run away from you so you do not have to solve them straight away; they could even resolve by themselves in some time. Just solve them when you are ready!

Tip № 8

Have a proper pampering time and take care of yourself!🛁 At times like that  it really helps to just stop and focus on yourself; as soon as you look better you feel better so have that shower, put yourself together and wear something nice! You will at least fill refreshed.👌

Tip № 9

Go outside and get some fresh air! If you have a dog🐶 take it with you on a walk or if you have brother or sister or just your friend make them keep you a company playing some basketball🏀 or football⚽️ sometimes things that you aren’t good at can make you laugh and inspired to move and work. Also outside activities in good weather usually just make you feel better🤔, I don’t know why, they just do!


Well this is all from me today! Tell me about your ways of getting back on track in the comments down bellow please. I hope that my tips helped you a bit and that you are having or will have an astonishing day!


Sashacake was here🍰


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